XSLT Transform for Gnucash XML file

Régis Leroy lapagearegis at free.fr
Tue Sep 23 20:05:29 CDT 2003

There's already a README in the file, but it could be a better one.
Posting it ona contrib directory could be a good thing but actually
there's some problem on the XSLT sheet. I'm working xith an older
version of gnucash and I've some difficulties to obtain a real DTD for
actual files (and history of the DTD evoltuion to make XLST sheets to
change the versions of the files)
For exemple history of te gnc:book tag, gnc:currency/comodity and

Maybe it could be useful to test the CVS-DTD before each release, isn't

Le mar 23/09/2003 à 17:41, Linas Vepstas a écrit :
> Do we need to post this somewhere? 
> website? contrib directory?
> how about a short readme explaining what this is and how to use it?
> --linas
> On Fri, Sep 05, 2003 at 08:17:08PM +0200, R?gis Leroy was heard to remark:
> > Personnaly I've been writing a quite big XSL file based on Zach Garner
> > one (zach at neurosoft.org) which had been published in this mailing list
> > long before. You can use it to obtain a gnumeric file witj multiple
> > sheets (diary, one sheet per account, accounts sheet).
> > It's, to my mind, a quite big piece of work and it can be useful for
> > others, so here it is. 
> > there's still some work to do on it, like prices for example. And maybe
> > an OpenOffice output...
> > Feel free to contribute, keep in touch on http://xslfactory.free.fr 
> > 
> > Matthew can I reuse your stylesheet on this site?
> > 
> > 
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