Gnucash Memos

Bill Huffman huffman at
Fri Jan 2 17:26:23 CST 2004


I'm not on the developer's mailing list but I am using Gnucash 1.8.7 and
have noticed quite a number of times that I wished memo fields were handled
differently.  So I'll contribute a suggestion here.  Hopefully, it's

There is both an overall memo for a transaction which shows up in every
register in the split.  In addition, there is a memo per split.  This
needs careful handling to be convenient.

  1. One choice would be to have simply one memo per split and have that
     show up in that register.

  2. A second would be to allow both the overall memo and the per split
     memo a place in the register when in two line mode.  I would like to
     see this.

  3. If the current state remains, I would very much like to see the
     overall memo show up even in one line mode when all splits are
     shown.  Just make another line appear when the split lines show
     up.  This makes it far easier to see the overall memo and makes
     it always show when one is looking in more detail into a transaction.

The other area is how memos show up in reports.  A transaction report
seems to show only the overall memo and there is no way to even see
the per split memo.  In some cases I use per split memos for things
that need to show up in reports.  For example when I keep track of
medical expenses I compare per split memos to see that an explanation
of benefits from medical insurance covers everything it should cover
and each item is a split in the "explanation of benefits transaction"

So maybe it could be an option to show one or the other or both memos.

Thank you,


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