assets account types feature suggestion (summary)

bruno schwander bruno at
Mon Jan 19 07:17:14 CST 2004

On Mon, 19 Jan 2004, C. Gatzemeier wrote:
> > currencies (well, fiat currencies) and commodities are placed on a
> > different level in general ?
> Yes, that is true. We should make it more obvious  that currencies are just a
> type of commodities.
> We can not edit the official ISO4217 currencies but define our own commodity
> types. This is already possible in stock/fund accounts. There you can define
> new types for other stock exchanges than the defaults. At the moment I don't
> see the reason why this is prevented for regular accounts.

absolutely, it would be very elegant to be able to specify the
commodity/user-defined currency for any type of account.

> > I think making the currency list user-editable is the simplest way.
> > Besides, it seems limiting to be set to some ISO currency list.
> > Currencies, like countries, come and go...
> Hmm, yes I see you point. Other commodities wouldn't fit into the editabe
> currency list though. Not calling CURRENCY list ISO (just using it as
> default) making it ediable and allow other types of commodities.

yes. I just want to be able to have any account in bruno francs, or
decagrams of raw sugar...

> > > 2) allow to switch register view to denominated commodity if it is not
> > > the report currency.

and be able to choose the default view to be the report currency, or the
account's currency, per account.


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