Addition to Gnucash docu (fwd)

Jon Lapham lapham at
Sat Jan 31 19:48:09 CST 2004

Tomas Pospisek's Mailing Lists wrote:
> Mmmh - I can see in my outbox that I sent the patch and images along. Can
> anybody confirm this? Maybe the mail management software filtered it out?
> Don't know. Anyway I've sent the patch and images to you directly
> yesterday as well - so you should've received it twice...?

Oh, yes, you did send the patches.  My company's "no MS executable 
attachments" filter thought your message was suspect (why?  I dunno... 
weird).  Anyway, I now have the patches, I'll take a look.


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  Work: Extracta Moléculas Naturais SA

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