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Neil Williams linux at
Sat Jul 3 10:18:06 EDT 2004

On Saturday 03 July 2004 12:41, S2 wrote:
> Hello all.
> I have an XML file like the attached one, and i would like to import
> those transactions in GnuCash.

I started off with exactly this query - trying to use XSLT to import an 
invoice into GnuCash. I'm currently writing the merge function because 
currently, none exists.

Start here:
Creating Gnucash invoices with XML/XSLT

> Is this somehow possible? Maybe transforming the XML file using XSLT?

Not yet. See the archive for reasons why XSLT may not be the best route but 
the problem lies deeper - GnuCash needs to know how to merge data sources.

> It's for a J2ME midlet I am developing for J2ME capable Handhelds.

The function will be capable of accepting any input that can be read by 
GnuCash into a GNCBook* structure - once that is done, I will be looking at 
my original objective - creating invoices in GnuCash by synchronising with my 
Palm Tungsten using pilot-link code.

The plan would be to take a look at the Calendar and the Contacts databases, 
check Expenses for the same date, use some config data to transform that into 
a form of invoice. That data can then be read into GnuCash using whatever 
format is most suitable, including XML or CSV. 

The hard part is defining how the existing book should add the new data and 
handling collisions intelligently. That is where I am currently working.

I have an early draft of the code here:


Neil Williams
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