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Neil Williams linux at
Sun Jul 18 11:25:37 EDT 2004

On Sunday 18 July 2004 4:08, Neil Williams wrote:
> Remaining MERGE_ABSOLUTE and MERGE_DUPLICATE results are ignored.
> All MERGE_REPORT results will be made available for a GUI dialog control
> procedure that can offer the choices to the user and resolve each
> ditched.)
> At present, I've not written an "ignore" handler. Should the user be
> allowed to ignore certain entities in the import book that conflict with
> the target book or will this corrupt the final book (perhaps by omitting
> important transactions)? If the import data contains spurious data that
> should not be imported, isn't that something for the user to change
> externally?

After re-reading that, I see that there IS a need for certain entities to be 
resolved as MERGE_DUPLICATE - if the comparison routine is too strict and 
reports errors such as capitalisation etc., the user should be able to report 
those as duplicates and therefore for these to be ignored.

If the user makes the wrong selection, well, sorry - this import (once 
committed) is a one-way process. If the user doesn't have a backup of the 
pre-import target book, it's going to be curtains. (Worth making that 
absolutely clear in the dialogs!)


Neil Williams
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