linking gnucash to data in postgres

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I'm reading old, stale email.

On Thu, Jun 17, 2004 at 04:26:22PM -0400, Joseph Mack was heard to remark:
> I was wondering if it was possible to use the database features of
> postgres linked to entries in gnucash (I'm currently using gnucash-1.4)
> I had a quick look on the docos on the gnucash website but didn't see
> anything that seemed to address the problem.
> Case: My son's soccer league has about 1000 kids in it. There are also
> coaches, referees, sponsors, suppliers of T-shirts, playing fields,
> times.... 
> Looking at just the kids, there would be entries in the database for 
> each kid (name, address, birthdate, season, division, team...) 
> including payment of fees, check#...
> Is it possible to on receipt of registation for a kid, to update the
> information for the kid as well as enter the financial information 
> (check number, amount paid) and have the financial information appear
> in the gnucash view of the database?

I think the thread conclcuded that 'gnucash won't do this" but 
in fact, I beg to differ.  The genericizing work that I'm doing now
opens the door to this, although at the current rate of development,
this is years away.   

This is a good example of where people really do want this kind
of customizability, and my opaque diatribes about dwi and qof 
and what-not all tie into this. 

FWIW, Derek Neighbors gets it: gnue is trying to build the generic
framework first, and an accounting app on top of it later.  I'm
doing the opposite: got the accounting app, now trying to build the
generic framwork.  Same goal, different paths.  Evolutionary 
convergence is the bio term.


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