Importing Revisited

blfs blfs at
Fri Jul 30 19:41:53 EDT 2004

This can be implemented in a gazillion different ways,
but in the end there should be data in the program
that resembles

struct check{
    char *number;
    char *payee;
    char *amount;
    char *memo;
    char *etc;

Now what I am not understanding is why is it not trivial
to import flat text data into this program.  

There are two possible explanations.  The first being that
there is no such animal as a check in the program.  At
least not one that resembles the structure above.

The second is the concern that just importing a bunch of
checks would throw the ledger out of balance.  Usually 
programs handle this by having a post function in the program.  The checks dont go to the GL until they are 

Can someone please enlighten me here.

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