Progress toward Budget module

Chris Shoemaker c.shoemaker at
Mon Jul 26 14:45:07 EDT 2004

Darin, et al.,
	I've read the thread(s) regarding budgeting in gnucash.  It
seemed that the design was sound and that things were progressing in the
right direction.  I was hoping to look more closely at the status.  (The link is dead.)

	I've checked the gnucash-gnome2-dev branch out of CVS and
compiled it, but I see no evidence of anything related to budgeting.  Is
there something on another branch?  or was there ever any in-tree code?

I see your recent (May 28) resolution to get some patches together.
Did that ever happen?  Even having some diffs in CVS might accellerate
development.  What do you think?

BTW, thanks to all the gnucash developers for a _GREAT_ program!


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