exporting gnucash-data

Anders Vinjar andersvi at ulrik.uio.no
Wed Jun 2 04:31:58 EDT 2004

    >> Ive been searching around a bit without finding any
    >> obvious solutions: how can i get hold of my gnucash-file,
    >> or selected data in gnucash, say transaction-data from one
    >> account, and export it to work with it in other programs
    >> like for instance spread-sheets (fex. gnumeric)?
    >> Ive tried using various Reports without luck.
    >> Using gnucash-1.8.8.

    DA> There really isn't a good way to do this.  Your best bet
    DA> is probably exporting the transaction report to HTML and
    DA> then feeding that into something else.  Or you can write
    DA> an xslt.

    DA> What kind of operation do you need to perform on the
    DA> data?  You could always write a new report that does what
    DA> you need.

I'm importing data from my personal gnucash-based accounting
system into a general spreadsheet setup to calculate tax-related

>>> "VV" == Vasil Vasilev <vasil-gnucash at sychron.com> writes:

    VV> I had exactly the same problem and found a
    VV> work-around. It is not the best but works for me. I do a
    VV> transaction report, then select the contents, and paste
    VV> it into gnumeric. Works like a charm.

The manual copy & paste from gnucash-reports works in a way,
although its error-prone, and takes much time.

    VV> You can also export the report into an HTML file, give it
    VV> to someone else, who can then use their favourite browser
    VV> and copy and paste into their favourite spreasheet.

Forgive my dumbness here, but how do i export it as an HTML-file?
Ive tried "Export Accounts" from file-menu, and it leaves some
kind of **ML-type file (starting with an <xml>-tag), but mozilla
does not make any sense of it, neither does gnumeric.

Where do i get a quick description on how to write reports?

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