John P. New jnew at
Mon Jun 7 08:16:35 EDT 2004

I, on the other hand, despise the SDI way that GnuCash behaves, and
would much rather tabs than separate windows.

I find that when I am working with Gnucash, I have other applications
open at the same time. Mozilla to view multiple bank sites (all in their
own tabs, by the way), OpenOffice spreadsheets that calculate anything
from gas and electric bills to business expenses (and again, while there
are several instances of OpenOffice running, each spreadsheet has
multiple tabs of information). Unfortunately, the Gnucsh windows get all
mixed up amongst these other applications, making navigation between
accounts somewhat of a pain. I cringe at the confusion that would result
if Mozilla and OpenOffice didn't support tabs.

I was hoping that someone would eventually see the light (well, my
light, anyway :-) ) and design GnuCash to use MDI for account windows.

John P. New
London, Ontario, Canada

On Mon, 2004-06-07 at 04:26, Christian Neumair wrote:
> We've not yet made a decision whether we ought to use MDI or SDI for the
> GNOME 2 port, which is a fundamental decision. In my opinion, we should
> in no way mix them, because that heavily confuses users. We need to open
> accounts in new windows anyway, and opening reports in the same window
> is weird, because it is inconsistent with the rest of GnuCash. Plus,
> notebook tabs occupy space. That's why I propose to use exlusively SDI,
> i.e. accounts, reports and all the other thingies are fired up in new
> windows instead of in new tabs. That would mean removal of the plugin
> page concept. Instead, we have action/task-specific windows.
> Comments, suggestions?
> regs,
>  Chris
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