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Mon Jun 7 09:39:27 EDT 2004

G'day Christian,

I'm dipping my oar in without even looking at the Gnome2 source,

* Christian Neumair <chris at> [040607 09:55]:
> We've not yet made a decision whether we ought to use MDI or SDI for the
> GNOME 2 port, which is a fundamental decision. In my opinion, we should
> in no way mix them, because that heavily confuses users. We need to open

What is the actual difficulty in mixing them?[*] Mozilla (for example)
has both "New Window" and "New Tab".  You will have (as is already
being displayed in this thread) a division between the TAB/WINDOW
crowds at your suggestion.

[*] Is this not _conceptually_ as easy as having a function to
    'OpenUI' and then choose (S/M)DI based on the users preference?
    I guess that there are technical differences, but is there not a
    way to abstract the details of the UI away from the actual GC

I guess the finer details of the argument would not be appropriate
here, but giving us a motivation for one choice over another might
help the understanding.

Just my $0.02 worth.


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