[PATCH] stylesheet-fancy.scm and a new 'Easy' Invoice for Gnucash 1.8.9

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Tue Jun 15 12:29:47 EDT 2004

James Strandboge <jamie at tpptraining.com> writes:

> stylesheet-fancy_1.8.9.patch is a small patch to the 'Technicolor'
> stylesheet (stylesheet-fancy.scm) that:
> 1.  allows the user to configure via stylesheet preferences the
> alignment of the 'Heading Banner'.  It can be either Left, Center or
> Right
> 2. centers the entire report on the page.  This is useful for printing
> and presentations.
> 3.  only displays the 'Logo' column if 'Logo' is defined in the
> stylesheet preferences.  This ensures that the report is centered
> precisely when 'Logo' is not defined.
> I find this updated stylesheet very useful, but it may be more
> appropriate to just have this be a separate 3rd stylesheet.

I agree that this should probably be a third stylesheet...

> easy-invoice.scm is a new invoice based on invoice.scm.  Its named 'Easy
> Invoice' because it is easily configurable, but I am not entirely
> satisfied with the name, and would be more than happy to change it.  :) 
> The main features of this invoice (beyond those found in invoice.scm) is
> that it supports options for displaying My Company (data from
> File/Properties), invoice width, and an added 'ID String'.

What kind of options did you add for displaying "My Company"?
What's the "ID String" and how is it used?


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