QOF won't link

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Thu Jun 17 10:02:56 EDT 2004

linas at linas.org (Linas Vepstas) writes:

> On Wed, Jun 16, 2004 at 09:22:29PM +0100, Neil Williams was heard to remark:
>> On Wednesday 16 June 2004 8:33, Neil Williams wrote:
>> > /usr/lib/libqof.so: undefined reference to `sql_destroy'
>> > /usr/lib/libqof.so: undefined reference to `sql_parse'
> Ugh. You will *also* need to copy 
> /home/your-home-dir/qof/lib/libsql  to
> /home/your-home-dir/gnucash/lib/libsql  
> and change /home/your-home-dir/gnucash/lib/Makefile.am so that
> it visits /home/your-home-dir/gnucash/lib/libsql.  You will also
> need to modify /home/your-home-dir/gnucash/configure.in so that
> it builds the Makefile in that dir

Eventually we'll want to build qofsql..  The only question is whether
we'll want to include sqlite (which I assume libsql is?) in the
gnucash source tree (lib/sqlite) or just call it an external

>> > /usr/lib/libqof.so: undefined reference to `g_object_class_list_properties'
>> > /usr/lib/libqof.so: undefined reference to `g_date_get_day'
>> > /usr/lib/libqof.so: undefined reference to `g_value_get_double'
>> > /usr/lib/libqof.so: undefined reference to `g_param_spec_get_name'
> I'm thinking that these are from glib-2 whereas gnucash still pulls
> in glib-1.2 at this time.  Note that glib2 is 99.5% compatible
> with glib-1.2, so changing over to glib2 shouldn't really be a problem.

This does sound like glib-2.  You could try using the g2 branch of the
code.  The qof code is not completely up to date there, but it gets
synced about monthly.

> However, I tried this once and I do remember that gtk-1.2 has a weird
> compatiblity problem with glib2.  The fix is a bizarro 3-line hack,
> but I don't remember what it is.  I think I had to undef something in
> gtk.  If you post to the mailing list, I might be able to remember.

Hmm...  I dont recall this issue, but then again the only
mix-and-match we're using is g-wrap.

> --linas


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