[PATCH] stylesheet-fancy.scm and a new 'Easy' Invoice for Gnucash 1.8.9

James Strandboge jamie at tpptraining.com
Thu Jun 17 12:30:24 EDT 2004

On Thu, 2004-06-17 at 11:06, Derek Atkins wrote:
> James Strandboge <jamie at tpptraining.com> writes:

> Question: should taxinfo be part of File -> Properties, so you don't
> have to enter in the ID String every time?

I thought about that, but it is currently just an 'ID-String', so it
could be more general.  My company happens to use it as a tax id string,
but I thought others might want it more configurable.  That said,
because of the way we use it, it never changes.

To me it probably does make more sense to put it under Properties, but I
thought I'd let the first patch be more general.  Attached are patches
to add 'Company ID' to File/Properties, and a new easy-invoice.scm that
incorporates those changes (as well as easy-invoice.scm now giving a
checkbox option on whether to display 'My Company ID').

> PS: Thanks for your excellent work on this..  :)

It's the least I could do with how much I use and depend on gnucash.  :)


Targeted Performance Partners, LLC
Web: http://www.tpptraining.com
E-mail: jamie at tpptraining.com
Tel: (585) 271-8370
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Type: text/x-scheme
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--- ./business-prefs.scm.orig	Thu Jun 17 11:30:51 2004
+++ ./business-prefs.scm	Thu Jun 17 12:17:58 2004
@@ -92,7 +92,13 @@
     gnc:*business-label* gnc:*company-addy*
-    "b" (N_ "The address of your business") ""))
+    "b1" (N_ "The address of your business") ""))
+  (reg-option
+   (gnc:make-string-option
+    gnc:*business-label* gnc:*company-id*
+    "b2" (N_ "The ID for your company (eg 'Tax-ID: 00-000000")
+    ""))
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--- ./business-utils.scm.orig	Thu Jun 17 11:36:45 2004
+++ ./business-utils.scm	Thu Jun 17 11:40:23 2004
@@ -7,8 +7,9 @@
 (define gnc:*business-label* (N_ "Business"))
 (define gnc:*company-name* (N_ "Company Name"))
 (define gnc:*company-addy* (N_ "Company Address"))
+(define gnc:*company-id* (N_ "Company ID"))
-(export gnc:*business-label* gnc:*company-name* gnc:*company-addy*)
+(export gnc:*business-label* gnc:*company-name* gnc:*company-addy* gnc:*company-id*)
 (load-from-path "business-options.scm")
 (load-from-path "business-prefs.scm")

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