automatic ex/import of data

Christian Stimming stimming at
Fri Jun 18 11:25:01 EDT 2004

Hello Tomas,

Tomas Pospisek's Mailing Lists schrieb:
> 1. do there exist hooks where a script or external application can be
>    called when a transaction is entered?
> 2. is there a possiblity to call gnucash through some kind of RPC, from
>    the command line or as a daemon to add a transaction?

I thought at least for your described question #2 the "--evaluate" 
command line option of gnucash would be of some help. I.e. your 
cybercash frontend could come up with some scheme statements that would 
actually create a transaction and add it to the appropriate places -- at 
least that's what I would expect...

As for the question #1, no, there is nothing available at the moment. 
But you could handle this similar to the HBCI module. THere, the "Online 
Action -> Transfer" will call and open the "Transfer"-Dialog from inside 
the import-export/hbci module, and the resulting Transaction object will 
be returned into that module. It is then totally up to the (hbci) 
module's code what to do with this. I.e. the (hbci) module could very 
well just call some other library's code. In that sense, your student 
should be able to adapt the existing HBCI example to your own needs in 
less than 2-3 days. In theory. :-)

By the way, I will be attending LinuxTag in Karlsruhe . I will be giving a talk about 
gnucash and hbci on Saturday, June 26th, 4pm. If you or your student is 
interested in a meeting and/or discussion, simply drop me a note.


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