QOF iteration and callbacks

Neil Williams linux at codehelp.co.uk
Fri Jun 18 16:24:04 EDT 2004

"one can then ask, at run time, what parameters are associated with a given 
type, even if those parameters were not known at compile time."

I can see how to query individual parameters from qofclass when you know the 
name and I've got access to the getter and setter func's - what I'm looking 
at now is a generic way to read back everything originally set by 
qof_class_register - to build a complete list of all registered objects, 
types and data. This will be the core of the rules and it has to cover 
everything possible in a GNCBook - and as agreed already, without requiring 
any objects to be re-defined in code, it's all run-time stuff. I can see how 
qof_class_register reads the params into a GHashTable - how do I read the 
entire hashtable back?

I've looked at:
GSList * qof_query_build_param_list (char const *param, ...);
haven't got it right yet though. It looks more like something I'd need later 
to look for a match in the second book prior to comparison.

I've got access to the GUID's, the QofIdType's and almost everything else. I'm 
hoping I don't have to copy a whole batch of these sections from the source 

/** @name Account parameter names */
/** @{ */
#define ACCOUNT_KVP		"kvp"
#define ACCOUNT_NAME_		"name"
#define ACCOUNT_CODE_		"code"
#define ACCOUNT_NOTES_		"notes"
#define ACCOUNT_BALANCE_	"balance"
#define ACCOUNT_CLEARED_	"cleared"
#define ACCOUNT_RECONCILED_	"reconciled"
#define ACCOUNT_PRESENT_	"present"
#define ACCOUNT_FUTURE_MINIMUM_ "future-minimum"
#define ACCOUNT_TAX_RELATED	"tax-related-p"
/** @} */

when they are all already loaded:
gboolean xaccAccountRegister (void)
  static QofParam params[] = {}

The most recent (working) draft is back on codehelp:
(It also includes a revision of the naming convention for the merge - I've 
followed the format of GncInvoice.c)


Neil Williams

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