gconf2 (was Re: g-wrap (was Re: QOF won't link))

Thomas Viehmann tv at beamnet.de
Sun Jun 20 20:40:44 EDT 2004


Derek Atkins wrote:
> linas at linas.org (Linas Vepstas) writes:
>>It would be seriously cool if gconf was distributed, so that, e.g.
>>when machine 2 shows up on net, its gconf would sync with that from
>>machine1.  After sync machine1 could be shut down, or whatever ... 
>>machines could come & go, join the party & leave... the data would
> Well, perhaps if data were just stored in $HOME we wouldn't need
> a daemon to 'cache' it.  Or I suppose it could be a write-through
> cache... But at that point why not just provide a common app library
> to read a set of dotfiles in $HOME?
More or less the combination of both is done. If there is no active
gconfd, one is initialized from data stored in (a configurable location
which usually is) $HOME/.gconf. Further instances will than contact this
gconfd, thus ensuring consitency of data and immediate availabilty of
changes in the data. And the latter is (for purposes of the more common
gconf installations) the benefit over plain dotfiles.



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