[Patch] print-check.scm and wallet checks with stubs

David Reiser dbreiser at earthlink.net
Tue Jun 22 01:24:34 EDT 2004

Attached is a proposed patch for print-check.scm (with associated 
tweaks to dialog-print-check.c and print.glade) to allow gnucash to 
print Quicken-style personal wallet checks with stubs on the left side 
of the sheet. I have been using these check forms for years from my 
foxpro or filemaker cash database instances because they are small 
enough to fit unfolded in any creditor's bill reply envelope, and the 
stub gives me an additional level of transaction backup for my checking 

Features: defines appropriate top/middle/bottom positions for this 
thinner (shorter?)  check
   adds printing of stub (same four variables as main check area), with 
payee and memo truncated to 21 characters, if necessary, to fit on the 

Side effects in print-check.scm:  faced with either nesting another 
level in gnc:*stock-check-positions* or adding the check height to 
gnc:*stock-check-formats*, I eliminated the positions declaration and 
put top/middle/bottom in the formats declaration. The new definitions 
explicitly admit that the user might want to print a stock position 
with a custom format -- so stock-check-formats now has an entry for 

Gratuitous commentary:
Add my vote to the gotta-rewrite-check-printing pile
Another vote to ask that we non-business users get name and address of 
payee printing, too.

Thanks for the great app, folks. Don't count on too much code from me. 
But I might well get to the  point where I can do some good on 
documentation. For instance, it looks to me like the Deluxe check 
format could be easily tweaked by a user to handle any single end-fed 
check one is likely to encounter. That fact isn't well described in any 
of the docs I've run across yet.

David Reiser
dbreiser at earthlink.net

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