Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Tue Jun 22 11:01:55 EDT 2004


linas at (Linas Vepstas) writes:

> A prototype web page explaining how to donate to the gnucash project
> can be reviewed at 
> Let me know if you have suggestions/changes.

Looks good to me.

> I can either link this page directly into the main menu,
> just under the 'how to help' item, or instead, list it on 
> the how-to-help page.  Suggestions?

Any of the above?  All of the above?  Make a link from the menubar?

> Can someone make me a project admin on the sourceforge gnucash 
> page? I've discovered I cannot view the donated amounts; 
> I'd like to prepare a mini-balance sheet, for inclusion on
> the donations page.  I'm not sure if its time yet to figure 
> out how/to-whom to disburse the funds.

Sure, but you'll need to _immediately_ go in and approve "accepting
donations"...  I dont know if amounts are available even to the
admins, and also keep in mind that the amount we see is less than
the donated amount due to SF's percentage.

> --linas

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