Looking to develop: introduction and tip request

Erich Enke twilit77 at fastmail.fm
Mon Jun 7 12:17:08 EDT 2004

Thank you to everyone who has replied to me.  I had just a couple
specific comments regarding this email 

On Fri, 04 Jun 2004 17:21:51 -0400, "Derek Atkins" <warlord at MIT.EDU>
> "Erich Enke" <twilit77 at fastmail.fm> writes:
> > * Do you keep a local CVS repository to tag with stable builds?
> HUH?  What do you mean?  Do I rsync CVS?  No.  I just keep sandboxes.

No, I meant cvs importing into a local repository those sources acquired
through cvs import (such that one can do one's own tagging (of, say,
successful builds) and quicker reverting, etc).  This would be similar in
concept to the recommended way of tracking current NetBSD source: sup the
original and cvs import into a local cvs tree.

> > 5. Is there a wiki available?  If not, is there a perceived need for one?
> Uhh, did you even peruse the gnucash website?  Read the FAQ.
> Then look at the URL of the FAQ.  Then engage those synapses.  :)

Ah.  I had written the email after perusing the gnucash site, and nothing
stuck out in my mind as being "Here's the wiki".  Many OSS homepages have
a Wiki main subdivision (as in, the main menu of the site contains a
"Wiki" link).  I even looked again, and still couldn't find "the wiki"
until I did what you suggested.  Though I do often look at the URLs of
pages I view, I must have missed this one.  Perhaps a link that would be
more obvious might be in order?

-- epte

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