OFX download problems

David Reiser dbreiser at earthlink.net
Fri Jun 11 00:48:53 EDT 2004

A while back Jon Hamkins asked:
> Happily, I happened upon the ofx.py and ofx-ba.py scripts at
> http://www.jongsma.org/gc/ which connect directly to the OFX servers,
> along with the list of OFX servers.  Thanks!  In principle, this should
> be enough for me to give up my own scripts.
> Except, I can't get ofx.py to work.
> 1. For Discover, even after changing the APPID and APPVER with
>             config["appid"] = "Money"
>             config["appver"] = "0900"
> the OFX file, which arrives with no error messages in it, has all
> boilerplate and no actual transactions.  Any ideas?  Unfortunately, I
> don't grok python.  The script like it is requesting 31 days worth of
> transactions.

I had exactly the same problem with my ameritrade account. The ofx.py 
usage message says:
Usage: ofx.py site user [account]
available sites: ameritrade, discover, ucard

My experience with ameritrade is that the account is absolutely not 
optional. Also, in my case, ameritrade says I have to log on with my 
account number as the user ID (unless I'm misreading that, too...), so 
if I type:

python ofx.py ameritrade 123456789 123456789

where the nine digits are the account number twice, answering the 
password prompt with my PIN, then I get a full list of transactions for 
the past 31 days. I don't know python too well, either, but it looks to 
me like you can append a date (as YYYYMMDDHHMMSS) to the end of the 
command to get a different start date for the list in the ofx file.

The Ameritrade help files (referring to connecting via Microsoft Money) 
also mention that one logs in using the PIN as password, rather than 
the website login password. I think maybe my problems with accessing my 
universal card account might be related to trying to use my web login 
instead of account number/PIN.


David Reiser
dbreiser at earthlink.net

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