Neil Williams linux at codehelp.co.uk
Sun May 2 16:03:52 EDT 2004

I'm trying to understand QoF using the sourceforge example:

This is part of a file (I have a header and a genuine makefile to compile) but 
I keep getting an empty GList returned at this line:
		printf("Debug: %s\n","zero length objects");

int main() {
	qof_object_initialize ();
	qof_query_init ();
	qof_book_register ();
	GList *n;
	GNCBook* testbook = gnc_book_new();
	GncInvoice *firstinvoice = gncInvoiceCreate (testbook);
	gncInvoiceSetID(firstinvoice, "1001");
	gncInvoiceSetActive(firstinvoice, TRUE);
	GncInvoice *secondinvoice = gncInvoiceCreate (testbook);
	gncInvoiceSetID(secondinvoice, "2002");
	gncInvoiceSetActive(secondinvoice, TRUE);
	printf("Invoice ID: %s\n", gncInvoiceGetID(firstinvoice));

	QofCollection *coll = qof_book_get_collection (testbook, GNC_ID_INVOICE);
	GList *all_my_objs = qof_collection_get_data (coll);
	if(g_list_length(all_my_objs) == 0) {
		printf("Debug: %s\n","zero length objects");
		all_my_objs = g_list_prepend(all_my_objs, secondinvoice);
	for (n=all_my_objs; n; n=n->next) {
		GncInvoice *m = n->data;
		printf ("id=%s\n", gncInvoiceGetID(m));

The forced addition of secondinvoice renders the expected id=2002\n output but 
I should be getting both 1001 and 2002, shouldn't I?

What am I missing?

Do I need more objects in testbook before the invoices are properly registered 
or do the invoices need more data before the qof hashtable lookup can work?


Neil Williams

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