Require libglade 2.4?

David Hampton hampton at
Sun May 2 17:17:23 EDT 2004

On Sun, 2004-05-02 at 13:55, Derek Atkins wrote:
> Christian Neumair <chris at> writes:
> > Hi! libglade 2.4 allows us to set way more window/dialog options through
> > glade/libglade instead of using calls inside the code, including
> > modality, position, type, any many more. This is really nifty and allows
> > UI code reduction.
> > Is it a bad idea to require libglade 2.4 since it IMHO implies GTK+ 2.4
> > dependency?
> At this point we do not plan to require Gtk2.4...

Six months ago the consensus was that RH9 would be the target platform. 
Given that we've probably got at least six months to go, and RH9 is
officially unsupported as of yesterday, is it worth reconsidering that
decision?  I'd love to see gtk 2.4 as part of our target platform.


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