[PATCH] GNOME 2: HIGify welcome dialog.

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Tue May 4 13:00:28 EDT 2004

Benoit Grégoire <bock at step.polymtl.ca> writes:

> Well, gnome 2.4 has already been out for eight months now.  By the time we 

It's only been out about six months, and most distros are only NOW being
released with it....

> release gnucash 2, it will have been out for over a year.  I admit gnome 2.6 
> will be pushing it, but 2.4 (or later) is already part of FC1, Debian 
> testing, Mandrake 10, and Suse 9.1.

No, 2.4 is NOT part of FC1:

ls gtk2*

I think someone else said that FC2 has 2.6, but I haven't verified that
myself.  OTOH, FC2 hasn't been released, yet, either.  So I still think
we should focus on Gtk-2.2

> Then again since I did nothing for the Gnome 2 port, this opinion is worth 
> little more than the electrons used to display it.


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