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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Tue May 4 17:41:23 EDT 2004

Neil Williams <linux at codehelp.co.uk> writes:

> The documentation produced, is there a problem with hosting it somewhere? (If 
> I keep it updated from CVS)? I've got the space to host it, if you'd like, 
> although somewhere on gnucash.org would be more intuitive it would force the 
> update burden onto someone else.

Good question.  I could easily host it on cvs.gnucash.org.  I could
even automate its generation, like a nightly cron job to checkout cvs
and build the docs.  But that would presume that "cvs.gnucash.org" is
the place to put them and not "www.gnucash.org".

>> > I'll keep writing some documentation as I go, using docbook. It may turn
>> > out to be useful for others.
>> That's extremely UN-USEFUL.  As Linas suggested can you please write
>> docs in doxygen format in the header files and submit patches to the
>> headers?
> The big advantage with doxygen is the links from one typedef to another. I'll 
> include doxygen compatible info in the files, certainly, but most of the 
> docbook stuff is for my own reference and has a different emphasis to the 
> doxygen output.

IMHO doxygen should be the ONLY place for API documentation.
However if you want to provide usage examples, or architectural
documentation, docbook would definitely be a reasonable thing.

>   It's not primarily for project use, although it may still 
> turn out to be useful. e.g. if this information had been readily accessible 
> when I started thinking about the merge facility, it would have made my life 
> easier. If it helps anyone else get a start in a large project, especially 
> someone like me whose degree isn't in computer programming/science, I don't 
> see the harm - considering I'll be writing it anyway for my own use. I can be 
> far more expansive in docbook and the docbook itself doesn't have to be 
> packaged with the code.

I guess it depends what you want in said documentation.  If it's descriptions
of the API calls, IMHO this belongs completely in doxygen.

> Off to learn about doxygen now, adding to GTK, Glib, QOF, and automake. I may 
> as well say this now, I'm NOT going to be able to learn Scheme as well! I'll 
> need help with the GUI dialogs etc. Plenty of time yet though.
> :-)

The GUI stuff is easy.  Run "glade" and build the GUI.  :)
As for scheme -- you don't NEED scheme for most things, so don't
worry about it.


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