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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Tue May 4 21:41:17 EDT 2004

Neil Williams <linux at codehelp.co.uk> writes:

> Can't it simply be linked into www.gnucash.org using a symbolic link or NFS 
> etc.? What's the design of the various sub-domains? (off-list if you like - 
> I'll need to know about the list vs www domains for the search engine).

Yes, there could be an HTTP link from www.gnucash.org, but not via NFS
(See my previous message).  There *IS* an http server on both
machines.  Machine2 (cvs,lists) hosts cvsweb and mailman/pipermail
(the latter being the list archives).  Right now machine1 (www) has
very limited disk space (at least until Linas upgrades his machine).
Machine2 is also SIGNIFICANTLY faster!

So, in terms of performance and disk space, using machine2 is the much
better option (also, it's the one I maintain ;)  However it means it's
not at www.gnucash.org.

> BTW. Why DOES list link to a https:// self-signed server? I can't figure out 
> what is gained by encrypting the connection to archived content of a public 
> mailing list.

Because I configured it that way.  Personally I'd prefer if *EVERYTHING*
were encrypted, but....  Can only have one SSL config per IP address, and
I didn't want to use multiple IP Addresses..  I guess I could have done
so, but it would've been more work.

FTR, it'll work with either HTTP or HTTPS.  It just defaults to HTTPS
-- because I like it that way.

> As long as it's clearly linked from the 'Developer Information' list of links 
> on the home page, does it even matter if it's in the cvs subdomain? It might 
> help people who don't know doxygen to realise the link between code and docs. 
> A lot of other sites have static documentation, the idea that doxygen puts 
> the generation date into the pages should reassure new developers that the 
> docs really do relate to the CVS code that they are looking through. The use 
> of the same sub-domain would reinforce that and give a very positive 
> impression of the docs themselves.

As I said in my previous email, there are no subdomains.  There is one
domain (gnucash.org) with multiple hosts (.,www,cvs,lists,mail).  As
for "does it matter?", well, that was my question.  I don't know if it
matters, but I do not want to unilaterally make that decision.

IMHO it would be "easier" for the docs to be generated on the same
machine where the cvs archives are kept.  It's a local matter to
update the tree, so there's no network usage, and that machine is
significantly more powerful.

But I agree with you..  Having the docs live at http://cvs.gnucash.org/...
is just fine, so long as there's a link off the main gnucash site.
Linas may not agree, however, if he wants to keep the "gnucash look at
feel" of the docs.  But I don't know how hard that would be to get
doxygen to use SSI.  It might be easier with frames.

> There is nothing worse than API documentation that is behind the C.

What do you mean by "behind the C"?  I assume you mean "documentation
that lags the implementation?"  If so, then yes, I agree completely.


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