additional doxygen pages (was: Re: QOF help!)

Christian Stimming stimming at
Wed May 5 04:22:09 EDT 2004

Josh Sled wrote:
>>I'm not sure how to use doxygen for architectural docs...  Could you
>>provide an example or pointers to docs that describe it?
> Using \defgroup , \addtogroup , \example , \mainpage and \file , and a
> bit of convention, one could build higher-level structural docs
> along-side the lower level file/function/variable docs.

Just a thought about how I usually add "extra" documentation pages (the 
result is similar to the pages shown here ):

1. Create a new text file with your documentation text

2. At the beginning and end of this text file, insert the c comments for 
doxygen, i.e.

/** \page page_label My extra documentation page

[... text goes here ... ]


3. Add the file name of the text file to the INPUT tag of the doxygen 
configuration file (Doxyfile). That's it.

4. Potentially, use more doxygen commands inside that text file, e.g. 
\section and \subsection.


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