I'd like to say thanks to the developers

Ben Pracht bpracht at nc.rr.com
Fri May 7 16:15:44 EDT 2004

For what its worth, I wanted to take the time to say thanks to all those who
developed this product, especially the more recent versions.  It is one 
of my
favorite open source projects.  Here's why:

*  I can actually use the debit/credit paradigm, rather than a simpleton 
checkbook approach,
which usually oversimplifies something so much that I can't do what I 
need to do.
*  Someone created a General Ledger that I can see all my transactions 
and create new ones,
again, in a true accounting style, almost exactly like I had in my 
accounting courses.  Before this, I had to enter general transactions in 
a specific account.  Thank you someone.

*  Someone created some level of calculator so I can do subtraction, at 
least, on the amount fields.

*  Gnucash lets me reconcile whatever account I have, not just bank 
accounts.  Please keep this feature!  Not all accounting programs allow 
this, and certainly not the basic checkbook ones like Quicken.  I have 
to reconcile at least 20-30 accounts payables for various healthcare 
providers that we use, this is a necessity.

*  Someone, at one time at least, had the sheer brilliance of combining 
all the necessary
RPM files into one download.  I could have jumped for joy when I didn't 
have to spend
hours wrestling with dependencies.

*  The QFX import feature works really well.  I'm amazed sometimes at 
how accurate it
can detect existing transactions.  Aside from wishing I could select a 
matching account via
keyboard in addition to a mouse, it works really well.  I had problems 
with QIF, though.

*  I was easily able to change the layout of an account to show the 
ledger form, restrict dates
and get the information that I needed, without looking at the documentation.

*  I'm able to use your product, without using the documentation, almost 

*  As shocking as it sounds, most of my needs can be met by running 
Windows.  I don't manage production web servers or do anything rocket 
science related.  I'd keep Linux around if for no other reason than to 
have Gnucash.

I'd also like to request these features:
*  Could someone create a transaction number that's short enough to be 
written on
my receipts?  I'd like Gnucash to autoincrement this for me, and tell me 
which number
to write down.  That way, if I ever needed to say, return something, I 
can go to Gnucash,
lookup a transaction, and see that it was filed as transaction #4396, or 
something, and find that in a bin somewhere.  In otherwords, help me 
track my supporting *paper* documentation.

*  Create a key to goto a specific date within an account ledger, or to 
the beginning or end
of it.

*  Add account information fields, such as contact information  for say, 
banks, accounts
payables, receivables, etc. 

*  Speed of importing transactions, and startup is somewhat slow.  At 
the risk of sounding heretical, maybe an XML repository isn't the best 
approach.  I'd be willing to have a completely unreadable binary format 
that performed better.  I don't have the time to directly modify or 
write XSL scripts to process the Gnucash format anyway. 

Thanks for the good work,
Ben Pracht

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