request for usage of some screenshots

Edwin de Jong g.e.dejong at
Fri May 14 15:50:59 EDT 2004

Hi developers of gnucash,

I'd like to request a permission for using some of the screenshots of the 
mainpage for a report on Human-Machine-Interaction. This report will not be 
officially published and for as far as I know only used internally. But since 
it's for a course, and is meant as a hands-on experience on writing reports 
which will be published, I'd like to request permission for that anyways.

The images I'd like to use are the account tree and the ledger view.

Hoping sincerely that the creator of these screenshots is willing to grant me 
these permissions, plus taking the effort to reply (or Cc:) to my own 
emailaddress (g.e.dejong at

Thanks in advance,

Edwin de Jong (student Computer Science at the University of Twente, 

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