Linux kernel hackers needed

Linas Vepstas linas at
Thu May 20 21:08:51 EDT 2004


Excuse me for forwarding the following employment spam, maybe there 
are some hungry kernel programmers on the list?   The person who
is asking is legit, not an employment agency (I'm not an employment
agency either).  Write me for the contact info/introduction.


> We're converting our core (...) engine from a legacy
> VAX system to a linux core and will need 4-5 
> linux kernel engineers to work at our R and D center in Phoenix, AZ.
> Would you know of any people who might be interested? We're looking for
> regular hire, full-time people, not contractors if possible, since we
> anticipate that this will be an 
> ongoing and long-term undertaking. In fact, this group will form the
> core of our new (...) engine development group.
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