What can I do?

Linas Vepstas linas at linas.org
Fri Sep 3 10:53:31 EDT 2004

On Fri, Sep 03, 2004 at 06:56:56AM -0700, David Harrison was heard to remark:
> I have been poking around there already.  So, I guess I'll feel free to 
> change/add things to the wiki pages?  

Yes. Adding a wiki page, and/or documentation about the 'double
dating' discussion would be a big help.

> I guess in my original question, I 
> was wondering if there were any priorities?

well, the hard part of a volunteer organization is finding something
that the volunteer will enjoy doing; if this isn't done, the person
leaves the community.  In the light of this, 'priorities' are almost

Unfortunately, its almost impossible to guess what turns you on; 
only you can do that; you have to get comfortable with us, 
and find a place where you fit in.

What I'd like to see is a larger and growing, active community,
together with a real 'gnucash foundation'.  This means a network
of accountants working with gnucash users.   This means having 
wiki editors who can keep things up to date; documentation
writers who can keep the balance between the wiki contents and
the documentation.  Web masters who can balance the web contents
with the wiki contents.   There's a zillion-and-one technical 
projects: interoperability software, so that gnucash data can be 
imported and exported, so that gnucash can do all those things 
people want it to do.  A 'gnucash foundation' would obtain 
web-based income without turning the website into an advertising 
wasteland.   I dunno, can we make money refering accounting books 
through Amazon??  In short, I'd like to tie gnucash into the 
broader set of accounting activities going on in the world; 
can you help with that?


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