Multiple QofBook support working

Neil Williams linux at
Sun Sep 5 13:49:29 EDT 2004

Using QofSession, I've now got the example program to load two external XML 
files, create two separate QofBook structures in memory, access both 
simultaneously, compare the QofBook contents and merge the two QofBooks, 
complete with user-intervention and collision handling.

The gnc files I've chosen were created with the New File druid in GnuCash 
1.8.9 (on MacOSX) - as indicated by the names, one is a simple checkbook 
choice, the other a more complex business choice with multiple selections in 
the druid.

There's more to do with the code to better support books with lots of user 
data, but it's coming along. On my lowly PIII 700MHz system with not a lot of 
free memory, it takes <3 seconds to bring up the user intervention 
information - that's loading the engine, the two files, all the comparisons 
and the bulk of the total merge workload. Previous problems with GncCommodity 
and GncPriceDB are now handled gracefully - until these use QofEntity and 
GUID, they are silently ignored by the merge.

example-gncBookMerge is now capable of loading, comparing and merging simple 
external QofBooks.
 cd gnucash/src/engine/test
 <path to installed CVS 
head>/libexec/overrides/gnucash-env ./example-gncBookMerge
 (Execute in the local directory, in order for the example to locate the
 demo GnuCash XML files)

There are small changes to qof_book_merge.c and qof_book_merge.h from the 
patch I sent in on Fri, 27 Aug 2004 but the main changes are all in 

Shall I wrap the new code into a new patch that encompasses old and new, or is 
the older patch soon to be committed?

The modified qof_book_merge.c and qof_book_merge.h have been committed to QOF 
CVS at SourceForge. Should show up in the WWW browse info in 24hrs.

All the code is also available at


Neil Williams
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