qof_book_merge release

Neil Williams linux at codehelp.co.uk
Wed Sep 22 10:06:19 EDT 2004

Support for merging QofBook's with collision handling. The qof_book_merge code 
works but there remain issues with the implementation in the GUI.

A test routine is included in the release.

The GUI code includes a Merge Druid that is wrapped around the Account 
Hierarchy Druid usually called by gnc_file_new(). The merge code starts the 
hierarchy druid inside a second session and then merges the new QofBook into 
the existing book from the original session. This is known to work in console 

Known problems with the merge druid so far:

1. First time crashes: Resolved.

2. My GUI skills aren't the best so the druid behaviour is not ideal. In 
particular, the user intervention information should be formatted into a more 
readable form. However, it does work.

3. It's getting confused with the hierarchy druid output. Say you have a 
simple book open in GnuCash and select Childcare Expenses from the hierarchy 
druid to merge into your file. That's two accounts, Expenses (which will 
match an existing account) and Childcare. In the GUI, I get 63 collision 
Running the same files through the console application (I said it was handy!) 
generates the expected: 1 duplicate account, 1 possibly new account.
The collision reports list parameter data for Account objects that is 
clearly inherited from UNSELECTED accounts from the example list - they 
neither exist in the original book nor the selection from the druid. Still 
investigating reliance on a secondary process to do the delete_merge_group 
clean up that is not called in the merge druid code).

4. crashes when run twice within one GnuCash instance - related to problem 3, 
the crash occurs when the account druid is run a second time, not during the 
merge itself.

5. Problems with AccountGroup - although the new accounts are committed to the 
original book and the book is restored correctly, the changed accounts don't 
appear. I suspect this is due to incomplete support for AccountGroup.


Neil Williams

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