mailing list digest format

Christian Stimming stimming at
Sat Feb 5 06:11:15 EST 2005

Hi Derek,

one subscriber of the German gnucash-de list asked whether the mailing list 
digest format could be changed. He said that each digest starts with lengthy 
instructions on "how to unsubscribe" and only after these instructions the 
mail subjects are listed. Since these introductional instructions are about 
25 lines in total, the mail subjects aren't visible unless you start 
scrolling. He asks whether it is possible to shorten these introductional 

Is this possible? In the mailman web interface I didn't see any options 
related to the format of the introduction of each digest. Did I miss 
something there?

Below you find a copy of a typical gnucash-de digest. Of course the text is in 
German, but from the email addresses and URLs you can guess what the 
introductory text is all about. I agree with that user that this introduction 
could be shortened. Probably the URL for the web interface is totally 



Forwarded gnucash-de digest:
> Von: gnucash-de-request at
> Datum: 2. Februar 2005 16:51:58 MEZ
> An: gnucash-de at
> Betreff: gnucash-de Nachrichtensammlung, Band 22, Eintrag 5
> Antwort an: gnucash-de at
> Um e-Mails an die Liste gnucash-de zu schicken, nutzen Sie bitte die
> Adresse
> 	gnucash-de at
> Um sich via Web von der Liste zu entfernen oder draufzusetzen:
> oder, via Email, schicken Sie eine Email mit dem Wort 'help' in
> Subject/Betreff oder im Text an
> 	gnucash-de-request at
> Sie koennen den Listenverwalter dieser Lister unter der Adresse
> 	gnucash-de-owner at
> erreichen
> Wenn Sie antworten, bitte editieren Sie die Subject/Betreff auf einen
> sinnvollen Inhalt der spezifischer ist als "Re: Contents of gnucash-de
> digest..."
> Meldungen des Tages:
>    1. Re: Potentielle neue Features: SKR03, Betriebsbuchhaltung
>       (Christian Stimming)
>    2. Re: Potentielle neue Features: SKR03, Betriebsbuchhaltung
>       (Udo Rader)
>    3. Re: Betriebsbuchhaltung - gnucash oder SQL-Ledger
>       (Peer Oliver Schmidt)
>    4. Re: Beerdigung des SKR3 (Jens Falk)
>    5. Re: GnuCash-Spenden (war: [gnucash-de] Beerdigung des SKR3)
>       (Christian Stimming)
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------

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