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Herbert Thoma tma at
Tue Feb 15 05:44:03 EST 2005

Derek Atkins schrieb:
> Hi,
>>2.: CnuCash can not handle bonds correctly. Bonds differ from
>>stock or funds. You don't buy a certain number at a given price
>>(in a currency). Instead you buy a certain par (or face) value
>>at a given price in percent. Probably we need a new account
>>type for this.
> I've never dealt with bonds directly.  Question, when you buy bonds
> don't you buy some quantity of them?  Don't you pay some quantity for
> them?  E.g., don't you pay a total of $2400 for 12 bonds?

Not really. Yo pay e.g. $9800 for a par value of $10000 and this
means a price of 98%. And when you pull the bond price from
Finance::Quote you get the 98% and not 0.98. Usualy the par
value is quantised, i.e. you can buy bonds only in chunks of
e.g. $1000 or $10000.

>>3.: You cannot relate dividend or interest payments to securities.
>>This may cause incorrect portfolio reports. We would need to store
>>a reference to the stock/fund/bond account in a dividend/interest
>>income transaction to handle this.
> I'm not sure if there's a good way to handle this besides a separate
> income account per commodity to handle dividend/interest.  At least
> that's what the QIF importer does to pull in QIF dividends.

I think this is quite ugly. Can you store a link to the corresponding
stock/fund account with a dividend/interest transaction (e.g. in the
KVP frame)? The portfolio report could then use this link.
Of course some user interface issues nedd to be implemented for this


> -derek

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