[gnucash-de] Re: security (stock, funds, bonds) features

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Tue Feb 15 16:49:14 EST 2005


Andreas Schenk <dr.andreas.schenk at gmx.net> writes:

[ wonderful explanation of bonds elided ... ]

> One last word: on the german list I suggested recently, that the concept of 
> GnuCash -- to put everything into one ledger (not one basket) -- is not 
> appropriate. One should in fact separately deal with one general ledger and a 
> couple of special ledgers. You have this already in one case: accounts 
> payable and accounts receivable are one special ledger. You should also 
> introduce a special ledger for securities. Otherwise I think you will not be 
> able to deal in full with all kinds of securities. What I described above 
> might give you a vague idea of what I mean. The special ledger for securities 
> has to deal with a lot of business transactions -- and data, that definitely 
> do not belong to a general ledger. Depending of where you want to go with 
> GnuCash you will have to consider a major redesign -- unfortunately.

A/R and A/P behave specially but they are still part of the general
ledger.  The transactions in A/R and A/P still appear on the GL, and
they affect the G/L as well.  The only way A/R and A/P are special in
Gnucash is the interaction with the business features and reports.


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