c.shoemaker at c.shoemaker at
Mon Feb 14 00:43:38 EST 2005

>From the source:
 * Set the account view info data in use by the specified tree to
 * match the callers request.
 * This function does not do anything with the 'include_type' field.
 * Should there be a automatic filter for backward compatability
 * that uses these flags, or should all uses of this be converted to
 * a eggtreemodelfilter?
gnc_tree_view_account_set_view_info (GncTreeViewAccount *account_view,
                                     AccountViewInfo *avi)


I think I understand these two options.  I'd like to be able to filter
the account tree view by account types, so I think I need to do one of
these two options.  Are there any opinions on which one is better?


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