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On Thursday 24 February 2005 20:28, Derek Atkins wrote:
> Quoting Martin Preuss <aquamaniac at>:
> Well, yes, that's a known limitation of libofx at this point in time. 
> Benoit would certainly like to support DirectConnect in libofx but his bank
> doesn't support it (and he has very little time), so he's had little
> personal incentive to actually implement DirectConnect support into libofx.
> I'm sort of mixed as to whether OFX Direct Connect should go into libofx
> (where I think it belongs), or AqBanking (which already has an "initiate
> transaction" model).  There are certainly benefits and drawbacks to either
> approach.  From a UI Perspective I don't know what the differences would be
> if we initiate a transaction via HBCI or OFX; I don't know whether using
> the same library there would help or not.
I would also very much prefer libofx to do this (that would spare me of having 
to write this myself ;-)

However, connecting to the server, creating and sending requests is not very 
much of a deal. The difficult part is parsing the responses, which is already 
very well done by Benoits' library (which I would use for this purpose of 

My focus is the interface: Currently AqBanking supports the German HBCI 
protocol and a paperless exchange backend (German DTAUS). I just added the 
latter backend and instantly GnuCash is able to create DTAUS discs without 
changes to the code.

That's what I have in mind for OFX as well...

Anyway, I'm currently planning and gathering information, so please feel free 
to state any additional objections or ideas ;-)


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