Wanted, payment-processing option to include split for expenses:discount

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Thu Feb 24 17:34:06 EST 2005

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John Griessen <john_g at cibolo.com> writes:

>  If I
> could muster some energy to dig, what is a likely place to look first?
> ========================================================
> I see the diagram says acct editing creation GUI, but not about Lots, and Lots 
> are the central thing to resolve about this practical want I have.

"the diagram"?

> I find a definition:   Lots (which identify that the physical item sold in one 
> transaction is the same one that was bought in another)
> That may be where the problem is with this, and with commodities not adjusting 
> to value changes....maybe the definition needs to be exactly what is said above 
> and it isn't.  Lots have units of quantity, rather than money, which is theusual 
> accounting assumption about measures -- all is translated into money...

It is certainly the case that many of the reports aren't handling lots
properly.  Lots aren't automagically created in 1.8 except by the
business features.  In HEAD/g2 lots get created automagically in a few
more places.

If you're working on development you should definitely work off HEAD
or G2, not off the 1.8 source base.

> A discount is just like a commodity value change...time changes the value, even 
> if the physical volume or weight, or count of items is unchanged.  And 
> loss/shrinkage/decay/theft is a commonly budgeted for business concept.

Uh, no, it's not.  I discount is an extra credit off the price
of income.  It's an added "expense" from the booked income.  It
has nothing to do with "commodity value changes" per se.

But yes, you could handle a discount by adding a second payment split
for the customer, a split between A/R and Expenses:Discount.

> Scheme is not so far fetched for me to learn, since lots of electronics deign 
> software uses it too, and that aligns with my direction some.

Except this code (for discounts) would need to be in C.

> John Griessen

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