Stock value is zero in total(report) column

Phil Longstaff plongstaff at
Sat Jan 1 13:21:33 EST 2005

On December 31, 2004 12:39 am, David Hampton wrote:
> On Wed, 2004-11-03 at 07:41 -0500, Phil Longstaff wrote:
> > I've modified the F::Q and attached
> > it.  It works for me.
> Does this still work for you?  I tried it tonight with no luck.  If I
> enter the url that f::q uses by hand, I get an internal server error
> back from the visual basic script that is invoked.  If I can get this
> working, I'll commit your changes to the F::Q source repository.

Yes, it still works for me.  I just updated my file with it.  My perl is 
almost non-existent, so feel free to modify/fix anything.


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