Christian Stimming stimming at
Sun Jan 2 07:31:24 EST 2005

Am Freitag, 31. Dezember 2004 20:32 schrieb David Hampton:
> > AFAICS, no plugin works that
> > way now.  But, I could try changing that.
> I thought there were a bunch, but its been a year since I worked heavily
> in this code so I could be wrong.  You can check hbci for an example
> though.  The hbci module init function calls
> gnc_plugin_hbci_create_plugin which calls gnc_plugin_manager_add_plugin
> to add its menu items to the main window.

Whoa, in fact in the hbci module there is a whole lot of brand new code using 
the plugin manager. I've never seen any of this before, and I thought the 
hbci subdirectory contained only code by myseld. But it seems David and/or 
others already spent considerable effort into making this an excellent 
reference implementation for the new gncPlugin system -- thanks a lot! 

As for Chris:

> > That seems like a good reason to prefer gncPlugin.  Are there downsides?

No downside except that you are working at the bleeding edge of development, 
which might mean there is only one or two other examples and the 
documentation might not be too complete so far.


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