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Neil Williams linux at
Wed Jan 5 06:35:19 EST 2005

Does anyone have ideas on how to best solve issues around writing code
*between* three projects?

I can manage it on my own but I've now got someone else who is willing to
 help out and it's proving awkward to generate patches to three different CVS
 trees - 2 of which are currently being updated several times a day.

The patch tarballs are here:

Currently, I host pilot-link, gnucash and QOF on a CVS server on my home
network (not public) and I commit to those as I develop the code. I update
each one using vendor branches in the CVS but this is a painstaking process.
I can't easily automate the update, I need to build each project several
times (pristine public CVS, my working copy, the local CVS that will produce
the patches and a copy after patching to make sure that the patches
themselves still build). All of that takes time. GnuCash is the longest, it
can take 20 minutes per build from CVS export to make install. Each build
needs to be from CVS so that I know the build is correct. The process of
generating the patch generally takes several hours.

When someone else then downloads my patches, if their copy of CVS HEAD for a
particular project is out of sync with mine (which was used to generate the
patch), the patch process can fail.

Knowing the difficulties pilot-link have had with CVS on a public server, I
don't want to just host my current local CVS repository publicly (even though
the GPL allows that), so it makes it difficult. Plus the inevitable

I have a server that could do the job if it was updated but it's running
Fedora1 (not my choice) which (IIRC) doesn't have a recent enough version of
libxml2 (>= 2.6) to compile the software itself. It also runs subversion, not
cvs and migrating three projects is not my idea of a productive day.


Any ideas?


Neil Williams
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