Advice on creating custom report for GST

Benjamin So allegro at
Wed Jan 5 09:20:17 EST 2005

Hi there,

As it appears that the standard reports that come with Gnucash don't 
seem to fit my needs, I'm looking to create some custom ones to help me 
prepare GST (and also other tax) returns. I've read through the 
archives on the topic of GST and have taken the suggestion of using 
split transactions to account for GST content. However, the problem 
still remains to extract these data and present them in a usable 

So the question is what is the best way to get my hands dirty in 
writing custom reports. I'm sure this topic must already have been 
covered in an earlier discussion, but I didn't have much luck searching 
the archives. Is there some sort of tutorial to get me started? I have 
a reasonable amount of programming knowledge, but none of it is in 
Scheme. I saw a reference to the Hello World report, but was unable to 
find the corresponding source file. In any case, a simple tutorial 
would be very useful, is one exists.

Alternatively, are there even some GST reports (ideally for NZ) 
floating already floating around? If not, knowing where to start on 
creating my own would be a big help.


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