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Mon Jan 10 11:33:48 EST 2005

Michael Curtis wrote:

>I've written (ok, hacked) a Finance::Quote module for the New Zealand stock 
>exchange (NZX).  It appears in dump-finance-quote and I can fetch share 
>information using this command (dump-finance-quote nzxfunds TPW for example). 
>However, no mention is made of this in the "Edit Account" dialog in gnucash, 
>where one is supposed to select the quote source.  I tried editing the 
>account file directly (old-price-source = NZX) but this just crashes gnucash 
>when trying to get price information.
>I guess there's some further hard-coded information in gnucash which has a 
>list of sources.  Where might I find this...?
I added tdefunds (TD Waterhouse efunds mutual funds) quotes to 
finance::quote as well as gnucash (which was a simple modification to 
tdwaterhouse module). If you grep the entire gnucash cvs tree for 
"yahoo" or "tdefunds" you will find the relevant files. Careful about 
capitilzation, it may be "Yahoo" or "TDefunds". Do the same for 
finance::quote, just use grep. Or, I find Konqueror file manager's 
"find" feature useful, for case insensitive searching, and other 
features as well of course.

David J. Grant

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