display of memo instead of description

Christian Krause chkr at plauener.de
Tue Jan 18 16:42:05 EST 2005


I would like to change my gnucash to behave like this:

What I have:
- a split transaction with a description
- every single part of the split transaction has it's own memo
- for now only the description is displayed in the normal register view
  (split transaction folded, only one line visible)

What I want:
- the memo should be displayed in the according register (if any,
  otherwise the description)

split transaction: description d1
  part 1: memo m1, account a1
  part 2: memo m2, account a2
  part 3: no memo, account a3

if this transaction is displayed in the register view of account:
a1: display memo m1 (if transaction folded)
a2: display memo m2 (...)
a3: display description d1 (because this part has no memo)

I've already searched the documentation but couldn't find anything. Then
I tried to find it in the source, but failed, too.

Can anybody help me to achieve this behaviour or can anybody give me a
hint, where I have to look?

Best regards,

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