display of memo instead of description

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Fri Jan 21 11:01:15 EST 2005

Christian Krause <chkr at plauener.de> writes:

> Yes, I understand the problem. I've already changed the
> gnc_..._get_desc_entry and now it displays the memo in the way I
> want. But I know that's not all.


>> It's not a two-line change -- there's a bunch of logic changes that
>> are required to get this functionality.
> I've thought about the problem and I want present you a possible solution:
> ----------------------------
> Assume a normal transaction - it can be a two-split or a multi-split
> one. Each transaction has a memo for each split and a description.
> Transaction folded:
> The corresponding memo is displayed in the ledger if there is such an
> entry - otherwise the description is displayed. If the user selects this
> line then the column label changes to memo or description (depending on
> what's displayed). If the user changes this entry, than the memo or the
> description is saved.
> Transaction unfolded:
> In the unfolded case nothing changes to the current behaviour: The first
> line shows the description and all splits show their memo.
> ---------------------------
> Do you think this would be a reasonable behaviour?

Maybe.  I do NOT think it's reasonable behavior for a standard,
two-split transaction.  I think it may be reasonable for multi-split
transactions ( more than two splits ).  Even then it may not be what
users want in all cases.

Here's my reasoning: when I'm working a basic unexpanded ledger with a
standard two-split transaction there's really no reason to use the
split memo at all.  I _want_ to enter the description easily.

However for a multi-split transaction you necessarily need to expand
it to edit it the first time, so I think it's reasonable to handle
those differently.  You get the chance to see all the entries and can
enter the split memos and txn desc all at once.

Yet here's another rub.  Let's say I have a split-txn with 5 splits.
I only have memos in one of them (the rest are blank).  The txn still
has its description.  What would you display?  Would you display an
empty item?  Or the txn description?  If the latter, what would you do
if I changed it?  Would you change the description or change the memo?

> If yes, I would like to try to implement this.

I think you're on the right path..  I'd like to hear more about the
corner cases, tho.

> Best regards,
> Christian


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