QSF XML file backend for gnucash-gnome2-dev branch

Neil Williams linux at codehelp.co.uk
Wed Jan 26 16:35:00 EST 2005

On Wednesday 26 January 2005 9:11 pm, Derek Atkins wrote:
> Neil Williams <linux at codehelp.co.uk> writes:
> > for QOF_TYPE_INT32, QOF_TYPE_DOUBLE, QOF_TYPE_CHAR and outline support
> > for QOF_TYPE_KVP which will be finalised next week. Every other type is
> > already supported - and tested what's more!
> Well, nothing uses QOF_TYPE_DOUBLE --

Nothing in GnuCash - pilot-link uses it!


This is going to be the thing now, once QOF gets used by other applications, 
it's going to be v.hard to remove bits!

> it's sort of there for 
> historical reasons but technically it should've already been
> deprecated.

pilot-link can't use gnc_numeric internally and it does use doubles in some 

> Glad you're making progress.  I'll look at the patch once it arrives,
> assuming I have immediate time.  :)


It's on it's way to the patches list.



Neil Williams

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