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On Monday 31 January 2005 4:43 pm, Russell Sutherland wrote:
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> Ok. But its a start. And it seems quite thorough. Is there some simple
> examples somewhere to get me bootstrapped?

The Doxygen output for QSF isn't on either GnuCash or QOF websites at the 
moment: QOF because I can't get hold of Linas to update it and GnuCash 
because QSF is part of gnucash-gnome2-dev whilst the doxygen output is, 
understandably, HEAD. So I've always had the Doxygen output on my own site:

(the qof_book_merge doxygen output is there too, along with the rest of QOF)

QSF examples are here:
5.1.4 QSF examples.

That documentation is due for an upgrade (possibly tonight or Wednesday at the 
latest), and will include more details in the pilot-link section on how to 
wrap an application with QOF.

If you have any questions at all, please email me, on or off-list. All 
comments will be used to improve the existing documentation.

Most of the code is now in CVS: gnucash-gnome2-dev branch and QOF CVS HEAD. 
Pilot-link 0.12-pre2 can be patched to provide the QOF external framework 
when compiled against QOF CVS HEAD, using the patches on my site:

A new tarball is due, also probably Wednesday now because of paid employment 

Instructions and locations of each CVS server are included in the tarball.

This is an area of rapid development and things are changing every time I get 
some spare time. The number of outstanding issues is gradually falling and 
the test routines are getting more capable and extensive. Lessons from 
building QOF around pilot-link are also feeding back into the main QOF code 
and into gnucash-gnome2-dev.


Neil Williams

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