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Sun Jul 3 14:07:32 EDT 2005

On Saturday 23 April 2005 6:14 pm, Daniel Tudosie wrote:
> I have been using gnucash for some time and I am satified for now...
> furthermore, as I have background in IT development (I have studied
> Scheme, I am working as dev in C/C++, etc), I am thinking of getting
> involved in the development of this product...


> Ofcourse I would like to help in the effort of porting gnucash to gnome2

:-) the more the merrier.

> but my 
> experience in developing under linux is some-how limited (and note that
> I used the term *experience*).

Take your time and learn the code - as I did (and I'm still learning).

> So I am asking 
> what development env. are you using ? (I am using gnome and I 
> have installed Anjuta which I am not familiar with;

I use Anjuta - it grows on you as you get used to it. I particularly like the 
CVS handling as I use a local CVS repository as well as the GnuCash 

> but I am also a fan 
> of gnu emacs) is there a "dev tips and tricks" section that I haven't
> found ?

I've written a small section and there is now more help in the doxygen output 
form the source code itself.

> For the rest of information (e.g. about specific libraries to be used in
> develpment) I will either search or ask.


Neil Williams

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